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Your PATH to growth

Clarity, Purpose, Meaning, Fulfillment, Joy

As Leaders and Entrepreneur, we GO ALL IN and GO HARD in our businesses.

But I've found in my life and in many of my clients' lives, we hit a TRANSITION point where we get overwhelmed, feel less passion, become unclear on what we really want our real goals to be, and

find that we're neglecting other areas of life.

I'm privileged to lead clients on a path of growth that eliminates your entrepreneurial overwhelm, brings clarity to your business/businesses, reignites your passion for growth and momentum, and provides you the framework to keep your priorities, your priorities.

When you make


decisions about who you are, what you want, why you want it, and how to pursue it,

you'll find a richness in life you didn't know existed.

About Me

I don't like to sit still.

And I overanalyze.

There's no question why I went to school so many years to earn my PhD in Psychology. I have an obsession with moving myself forward in life while also over-analyze myself and everything around me.

Then I came to a crossroads where my over-analysis became destructive and got in the way of my growth. Striving for perfection just wasn't compatible with being an entrepreneur, a loving wife, and a strong mother.

I hit the end of where my own "sheer effort" worked. I was failing. I doubted myself. I lost trust in my own decisions. I discounted my accomplishments. I knew I was burning out and had no idea how to "fix it".


Years Experience

And that's when I became a coaching client.

18 years as a therapist and Psychologist, owning my own practice with over a dozen therapists working for me, and I needed a coach. I needed an external perspective to help me uncover what I was missing. I needed someone to tell me I wasn't crazy and that I actually had so much more life to live. I wanted to discover what that life was going to be like. I needed to realign with my values. I desperately wanted to know that my contributions could be valuable. And I believed deep down that my failures and imperfections weren't unique and weren't the death blow, but I didn't know what to do with them other than stew in them and feel miserable.

Your path has looked different than mine already. But there is a unity we have in our humanity. We all struggle with circumstances, making meaning, feeling unfulfilled, making mistakes, experiencing more joy, accepting ignorance, being unsure in relationships, and feeling lost or at least a bit turned around.

It's time you create YOUR NEXT LEVEL of greater purpose, meaning and fulfillment in your work as a LEADER & ENTREPRENEUR!

I will be your GUIDE as you create it.

your PATH for transformation

Certified High Performance Coaching with a twist of Dr Sheri

Certified High Performance Coaching is the framework that ushered in my transformative shift. It offered me a path to create internal freedom, thus allowing me to grow in confidence that my path, my purpose, my impact are all in alignment with my beliefs about myself and the world. When you, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions are in integrity with your values, there is peace and confidence that is unmatched.

When I work with you as a client, you'll get the powerful research-based foundational framework of Certified High Performance Coaching, taught to me by Brendon Burchard. And you also get me with my decades of knowledge and experience as a Psychologist and Coach, which allows me to navigate our relationship with intentionality and intuition. As a bonus, you'll additionally get my sense of humor, which inevitably comes out in each session. My humor become timely moments of levity that heighten the experience of enjoyment and connection. And we ALL learn and grow better when we can be ourselves and enjoy the process. (PS- do you know anyone that actually likes to each plain cooked broccoli?? Not me! Smother it with herbed butter or a creamy cheese sauce.... so is coaching. Coaching without joy and humor can be like dry broccoli. So choose the herbed butter. You'll appreciate it!)

While every client's path of coaching is unique, my promise to you is that your growth will lead to:

🥦 increased clarity in multiple areas in your life (YOUR BUSINESSES, home life, marriage, kids, transitions, yourself) that results in a strong vision and goals

🥦 stronger purpose of thought, emotion, and action

🥦 heightened sense of joy

🥦 improved personal & professional relationships that hold more deep meaning

🥦 decreased need to do EVERYTHING and creating more peace

🥦 feeling less emotionally overwhelmed (with all the things you're doing and you want to start)

🥦 an overall sense of growth, progress, and confidence.

Ready to Grow Forward as a Leader & Entrepreneur?

Schedule your FREE initial Strategy Call.

I'll get to know you.

You'll get to know me.

It's always a NO PRESSURE conversation that you WILL get huge amount of value out of!

My goal is to help increase your clarity in life, and quite honestly sometimes COACHING isn't always the next best move. If I'm not the right fit for you, no problem. I have a network of amazing coaches and other resources & I can help you find the right next steps.


What My Clients Say

Ok, so this is the slightly awkward part of my website for me. I'm not in the habit of sharing kudos about myself. However I recognize how hugely important it is to hear from the experience of others.

"I am so enthused to be recommending a woman so highly skilled & diversified. She is such a dynamic speaker with the energy, drive & desire to assist others in achieving their goals. If you're not aware of her amazing smile & her panache for reaching out to others with key insights & opportunities, you're truly missing out on the epitome of excellence in so many areas of life."

Steve S., MLM Entrepreneur

Sheri is truly a happy, fun, and engaging coach, and she knows how to read clients deeper than most coaches, Having had coaches prior to Sheri, she is much more highly skilled than average and is very customized in her approach. Her background really helps her draw on her deep knowledge of the mind, and I appreciate where she sees things that are in my blind spots and helps me realize them."

Daniel F, Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

Dr Sheri is the best! She has a way of pulling your potential out of you, and helping you see the path ahead of you, that seemed so unclear only moments ago. She has a heart to serve, and she practices what she preaches. Her coaching has helped me to transform many areas of my life from my business, my marriage, and the relationships I have with my kids. Working with Dr Sheri is one of the best things I could have ever done!"

Sara G., RE Professional & Coach

"'Work should be a reflection of who we are.'- Dr Sheri Fluellen shared and it helped solidify how my working conditions are not healthy and I deserve to be in a place where I can performa at the best of my ability. This statement resonated with me because it gave me permission to understand, as well as act."

Joy D., Real Estate Professional & Coach

"[Coaching with Dr Sheri] has gotten me out of my comfort zone in a healthy way. Changed my thought process on life and success. Made me think about things I have avoided thinking about, to let me be more successful and not hold myself back."

Brandy D., Real Estate Professional

Sheri is an incredible coach and is beyond a high performer herself. I had the opportunity to get coached by her and it was an absolute game changer. What I learned from her, I'll be able to take with me forever. I highly recommend anyone who gets the chance to work with her to do so!"

Dominic R., Wealth Coach & Entrepreneur

Dr Sheri is Co-Host of The Coaches Journey Podcast, which is a podcast designed to help educate and inspire professional coaches in their career journey.

Dr Sheri is also an owner and leader in the Coaching Mastery Community, which is an organization that provides training and support for coaches all over the world to create and improve their coaching and business mastery, thus improving their impact in the world.

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